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Plymouth Township makes records available for public inspection that meet the generally outlined qualifications as set forth in Pennsylvania’s Right-To-Know Law (Act 3 of 2008).


For more information regarding the Act, please contact the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Open Records at the Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, Plaza Level, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225, (717) 346-9903.  They can also be reached at the following website

Requests for public records can be made by completing and submitting the State’s Public Records Request Form. 


All such requests should be submitted in person or by mail. to the Plymouth Township Secretary at 925 West Main Street, Plymouth, PA 18651 Faxed to: (570) 779-9606.

Plymouth Township will reply to your request in the manner required by the Act.  If you have questions about open records, you can use the form below or call us at (570) 779-5388.

If your request is denied and relates to public records other than records relating to criminal investigations, appeals should be submitted to the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Office of Open Records, Commonwealth Keystone Building, 400 North Street, 4th Floor, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0225.  These appeals will be heard by officers of the Office of Public Records.

All appeals must be in writing, must state the grounds upon which the requestor asserts that the requested records is a public record, and must address any grounds stated by the Township for delaying or denying the request.  All appeals must be filed within 15 business days of the mailing date of Falls Township’s notice of denial or a deemed denial as defined in the Act.  All appeals will be handled in accordance with the Act.

If your request relates to records regarding Luzerne County, submission details can be found on their website at

For General Questions, Use This Form Below:
(This is form is NOT a formal request!)